5 Best Fruit Plants to Grow in Your Lakewood Apartment

Apartments in Lakewood CAPatio containers are a great option to grow your very own fruit garden in your Lakewood apartment. Whether you choose soft fruits such as currants or even hearty fruits like apples or peaches, you can enjoy your own mini orchard in your apartment patio. Be sure to feed and water regularly to ensure healthy growth

  1. Red, White, Black Currants
    These can be grown as bushes or trained to climb on a trellis and should be planted in large containers with soil-based potting mix with well-composted organic matter. Be sure to water regularly and keep them in a cool and partly shaded area of your apartment patio or balcony.
  2. Cherries
    Some great cherry plant options include Compact Stella and Maynard Mini Stem. Be sure to plant in large pots with soil-based potting mix and keep them in a sheltered and sunny spot.
  3. Peaches 
    Some great options for peach trees include Bonanza and Garden Lady, among others. Peaches require the same care as cherries, and should have a soil-based potting mix and plenty of sunshine.
  4. Pears
    Some popular pear varieties include Williams’ Bon Chretien’, Doyenne du Comice and Dwarf Lilliput. These are ideal for containers and should be well-watered throughout the spring and summer months.
  5. Apples
    A few popular choices are Egremont Russet, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Discovery or Elstar. Dwarf varieties are best for pots and containers and should also receive plenty of water throughout the spring and summer months.

Lakewood’s Summer Concert Series

Apartments in Lakewood CANext week marks the start of the summer concert series near your Lakewood apartments. Every Thursday evening from June 19 through August 7, 2014, you can enjoy concerts in the park at the grove in Del Valle Park. Beginning at 6:30p on June 19, you can enjoy a family-friendly night of fun within your Lakewood community.

A popular community event, you and your family are sure to enjoy the community atmosphere and entertaining live music. Next Thursday will feature music themed from the 50s with the Smokin’ Cobras kicking off this event. Following concerts will feature a changing variety of music styles, from older styles to more contemporary options.

Be sure to bring your own lawn chairs and blankets for your family’s comfort and enjoyment. You can also bring your own food although dinner and refreshments will be available for purchase as well. Avoid bringing pets, barbecues or alcoholic beverages to help keep other concert attendees safe.

Get Premium Pet Care Near Your Lakewood Apartment

Apartments in Lakewood CAIf you need special pet care near your pet-friendly apartment in Lakewood, head down to the Lakewood Civic Center this evening from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The Lakewood pet-friendly summer tradition will be opening today (June 4) and continues Saturday, July 19 from 9:00am – noon. Whether you are looking for pet licensing or discount vaccinations, you can meet with many pet care specialists to find the expert attention you need for your pets.

Whether you are a dog or cat owner in Lakewood, you can find the affordable health care services you want for your animal companions at this one-stop event. Micro-chipping and flea control services and information will be available as well as spaying and neutering services. Some discounts you can enjoy include rabies vaccinations at the low price of just $6.

Health care professionals will be accepting cash, checks and credit cards for your convenience. Be sure to bring your dog on a leash and cat in a secure carrier to protect them and other pets and owners attending this event.

This Weekend’s Family Event Near Your Lakewood Apartment

Lakewood-Apartments-FamilyEventGet the whole family together for a FUN-Tastic Family Night near your Lakewood apartment. The Animal Guys will be visiting this Friday, May 30th to lead you and your family on an exciting wildlife safari. Come on down to the Centre at Sycamore Plaza when doors open at 5:45pm and be sure you get great seats.

You and your family will all enjoy the enthusiastic entertainment this group of expert animal handlers can provide. Some of their special guests will include a serval wildcat, fennec fox, sugar glider, tortoise, alligator, blue-tongue skink and Burmese python along with many other exotic animals. You can bring your family on a wildlife safari right near your Lakewood apartment community.

Before the presentation, you will also be served a Mexican inspired dinner of tacos and Spanish rice as well as a delicious dessert. Enjoy a fun and affordable family event this weekend from the largest wildlife education program in Los Angeles. Tickets start at $5 for children 3 and under and at $8 for adults.

Event Details:

Friday, May 30th
6:30p – 8:00p

Lakewood Centre – Weingart Ballroom (A & B)
5000 Clark Avenue
Lakewood, CA 90714

3 Things to do in Lakewood for Memorial Day

Lakewood-Apartments-MemorialDayAre you still planning your Memorial Day weekend? There are so many ways to celebrate this special holiday and help kick off the summer at your Lakewood apartment this weekend. Here are some ideas for your holiday weekend!

1. Join the Lakewood community at Del Valle Park to celebrate at the annual Memorial Day tribute, which is free to attend. The ceremony will include laying of wreaths at the Veterans Memorial as well as a musical tribute and a few short words from Mayor Todd Rogers and other local authorities.

2. Throw your own Memorial Day bash, whether with a pool party or barbecue at your apartment community. Make your event more festive by choosing American-themed decorations while enjoying your favorite American past-times like watching a local baseball game or the start of the Indy 500.

3. Take your family and friends out for a beach day! Pack up your flip-flops and beach balls and enjoy a day away in the sunshine. Memorial Day weekend is an unofficial start to summer, so celebrate it right by throwing your own bonfire at the beach.

Apartment-Friendly Herb Garden

Lakewood-Apartments-HerbGardenAlthough many herbs grow better with lots of natural sunlight, you can also find great options to grow in your city apartment in Lakewood, CA. Especially with the coming fresh summer season, you should take advantage of the fresh ingredients you could be growing right inside your own apartment kitchen.

Soft, leafy herbs tend to do well even in shadier spots. Some great options include chives, parsley, mint, cilantro, tarragon, oregano and lemon balm. All you will need is a large pot or window box, potting soil and a few herb plants. You can visit a local nursery or even grocery store to find the healthy plants to start your garden. Properly caring for your plants will require sunlight and light watering. As needed when cooking, just cut leaves and stems off the tops of your herbs first, not the sides.

Even indoors, you can plant your very own herb garden. Try to find a relatively sunny spot, whether on a sunny window ledge, bright kitchen countertop or outdoor patio or balcony. Spruce up your Lakewood apartment kitchen and save yourself some grocery shopping trips this summer season.

Start a Better Laundry Routine in Your Lakewood Apartment

Lakewood-Apartments-LaundryAre you making some common mistakes when doing the laundry at your Lakewood apartment? Follow a few simple tips to help ensure your laundry is completed efficiently and cleaned properly.

1. Swimsuits: Instead of throwing your swimsuit straight into the wash (even in a mesh bag), just rinse it with simple water after a visit to the pool or ocean. Whenever necessary, you can soak your suit in water mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar to fully remove salt water or chlorine odors.

2. Dark Clothing: There are two secrets to helping dark clothes retain their color. First, be sure to wash them inside in cold water. Second, opt to air dry instead of running them through the dryer. This heat can easily damage the colors of your clothing.

3. Oil Stained Clothing: Pre-treat oil and grease stains with some liquid dish detergent. This can help prevent unaccounted blotches on clothing you often notice after washing a load of your children’s clothes, for instance.

4. Down Comforters:  In order to ensure complete clean, you will need to run an extra rinse cycle for your down comforters and jackets. The weight is not often evenly distributed during the wash cycle, which can mean residual detergent unless given an extra rinse. You can also ensure better drying by throwing a clean tennis ball in the dryer with your down items.

5. Towels: Ensure complete clean for your towels by taking care to not overload the machine, running with the highest heat setting, and removing and drying towels as soon as the wash is complete.